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Identification of novel serum peptides biomarkers for female breast cancer patients in Western China.
Yang J, et al. Proteomics. 2016.
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This study aimed to identify novel serum peptides biomarkers for female breast cancer (BC) patients. We analyzed the serum proteomic profiling of 247 serum samples from 96 BC patients, 48 additional paired pre- and postoperative BC patients, 39 fibroadenoma patients as benign disease controls, and 64 healthy controls, using magnetic-bead-based separation followed by MALDI-TOF MS. ClinProTools software identified 78 m/z peaks that differed among all analyzed groups, ten peaks were significantly different (P < 0.0001), with Peaks 1-6 upregulated and Peaks 7-10 downregulated in BC. Moreover, three peaks of ten (Peak 1, m/z: 2660.11; Peak 2, m/z: 1061.09; Peak 10, m/z: 1041.25) showed a tendency to return to healthy control values after surgery. And these three peptide biomarkers were identified as FGA605-629, ITIH4 347-356, and APOA2 43-52. Methods used in this study could generate serum peptidome profiles of BC, and provide a new approach to identify potential biomarkers for diagnosis as well as prognosis of this malignancy.

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PMID 26705257 [PubMed - in process]
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