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The worst headache I ever had struck me in the middle of the
night while I was at summer camp in 1979. I was a sixteen-year-old
counselor-in-training, and that day's lesson had included an introductory
course in wood chopping.

Over and over again, I'd hefted
the ax, sliding my hands up the handle as I dislodged the heavy head
of the ax from a mangled piece of wood. Then, swinging it high over
my head, I slid my hands down to the base of the ax handle and
smashed the blade into another unlucky wood chunk. Slam . . . slam
. . . slam. There was a rhythm to it, and I actually kind of enjoyed
my wood-chopping lesson.

I don't remember getting a headache right away, but in the middle
of the night I woke up with a real head banger, my own personal ax
bashing away inside my skull. That wood chopping must have really
jostled my brain! And not only was the pain excruciating, but I was
also beginning to feel nauseous. In desperation, I woke up one of my
fellow counselors who had some aspirin in her suitcase, even though
we weren't allowed to have any kind of drugs in our possession.
"Marty, my head is killing me. Can I borrow some aspirin?"
Marty paused for a moment, then hissed back, "I can't give you
any. I don't want to get in any trouble." Then, hard-hearted girl that
she was, she rolled over and went back to sleep! Somehow I eventually
managed to fall asleep myself, and miraculously, the headache
was gone in the morning. But I'll never forget the desperation I felt
as I lay awake in that dark cabin with my head about to burst, unable
to do a single thing about it.
Anyone who has ever been plagued by severe headaches will understand
the panicky feeling that takes hold when a viselike pressure
grips your skull, pain stabs mercilessly above and behind your eyes,
a dull ache partners with the sickly spread of nausea, and the throbxi
bing of your brain seems to make your head swell and shrink with
each heartbeat. Okay, I'll admit it—it's not the end of the world.
Eventually the headache goes away. But sooner or later, it's baaack!
And you're stuck with it, like an unwanted houseg

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